Simple Boring Guy, Inspired By A Simple Boring Town

The title says it all. I am a simple boring guy who was inspired by a simple boring town to do great things. I have lived in this small town of mine basically my whole life. This little small town helped me open my eyes to see how big the world actually is. Because of this small town, it has helped me to reach and dream bigger and better goals in life.

Now you are probably wondering where the whole surfing part comes from. I have been fascinated with surfing ever since I was little. But because of the strict parents I have, I was not able to start surfing until only recently. But even when I was not surfing, I kept up with the current news that was surrounding the surfing world.

One of the one things I love about surfing is the first time your ride a wave. You get this feeling that I cannot explain, but when you get it you are hooked. Like many, I believe that surfing is my way to get out of the world. This blog will help try and explain how important surfing is to me. Now that I have got this little introduction out of the way, why dont you go ahead and click the “follow” button for weekly posts about surfing and maybe a little blogs about my life.


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