Nike Night Surf 2012

Nike Night Surf is one of the most unique competitions in the UK Pro Surf Tour. The competition is being held at Fistral Beach in Newquay. Surfers will compete in the day and all the finals will be held at night.

From the lights beaming from the shore at night, it will show how surfers can easily surf in night as they do in the day. The Nike Night Surf will show the different tricks and styles of surfing that people in the surfing community have. Surfing at night can be an amazing experience to show surfers many talents. Some surfers even put neon lights on their boards or wetsuits to give a mor visual experience to fellow surfers and audiences.

Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to experience this myself. Just the thought of surfing at night gets me pumped up and ready to try new surfing styles that others have done. Just last year, Nike held a Night Surf Session in Seaside Reef, Cardiff, CA. People of all ages should go out and try something as exciting as this. Hopefully the rush and feeling will get others to try something new whenever they get the chance.


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