Taj Pre Bells Video

Taj Burrow. He is an awesome surfer who I also look up to. The techniques and styles that Taj uses is amazing. The way he surfs seems like he’s doing it effortless. In this video, he surfs at Bells Beach in Australia.

Taj Burrow is an Australian Native and a Billiabong Team Rider. I have watched live coverage of Taj Burrow before on the internet. Even on a live web cast, you can see how motivated and how much he enjoys this sport. Taj has won a total of ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) Tours. He started the ASP Tour when he was about 18years. One days. D hope to actually compete,just o say that I’ve had the opportunity to compete against others who love this sport
As much as I do.

Taj is easily one of my inspirational surfers in the surfing world. For example, the way Taj gets up on his board so easily and fast just proves how much of a professional surfer he is. But for me, it takes me a few more tries to actually get on the board. Don’t get me started about staying one board the remaining way. Another good example of how Taj’s surfing is phenomenal is the way he pumps up to gain more speed on the wave and does some gnarly tricks like 180 spins in he air. Unlike me, I just stay on the board gather little speed and go straight back t shore. I’m not in the tricks business just yet, but I will be soon after more practice out in the water. He posts these several personal videos of free surf sessions online at vimeo.

Some of these videos are what I watch before I go on my surf sesh. It gets me pumped up and ready even if a wave destroys me in the water. I get back up because it will be all worth it in the end. These videos get me motivated to try my best each session I am out in the water.The motivation and patience plays an important role during surfing. A lot of people give up surfing after a couple of tries. The key is to stay motivated and keep trying no matter how foolish you look in the water. Even looking a little goofy is okay because in the end, it will all be worth it. I hope by sharing these videos I can help inspire you internet people to get out and do the same. Throughout your time trying to surf and you actually get that feeling of an adrenaline rush and that gut feeling, you would then know how exactly surfers feel out in the water.


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