Playlist: Music That Gets Me Pumped

Courtesy of The CS Perspective


  1. I Make Her Say – Kid Cudi
  2. Cue the Sun – Daphne Loves Derby
  3. Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons
  4. My Body – Young the Giant
  5. One by One – The Black Seeds
  6. Only for You – Tomorrows Bad Seeds
  7. Miniature Christmas Tree – Daphne Loves Derby
  8. White Blank Page – Mumford and Sons
  9. Bittersweet – Kanye West
  10. Kids – B.O.B

When you go surfing, it really helps to have a playlist. I compiled this small playlist because I have a lot of songs that I use before I go surfing. I just chose the few that maybe some of you might know. SO having a small playlist or having music is probably your best friend when it comes to surfing. It helps you calm you are nerves down so you are focused and ready when you are out in the water. Music helps me a lot. It helps me focus on what I need to do and calms my nerves because going in open water can be scary, no doubt about it. So before you go out, why don’t you grab your music player, iPad, or whatever doohickey you may have that will help you as well.

Music and Surf videos like I have said in the past help calm myself and focus out in the water. Sometimes there are underwater gizmos that allow you to have these different gadgets so you can listen to music while your surfing. I have even heard people taking out small speakers attaching them to their surfboards and having a smooth chill day catching waves all day. Whatever it may be, go and do something similar to help you concentrate or something that gets you pumped out to shred some waves out there in the water.


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