Surf Spot: Carmel, California

Courtesy of froufroufido

Ahh, the infamous Carmel-By-The-Sea. Carmel beach in California is probably one of my favorite spots to go surfing. Not only does this beach have a small little shopping center and food dining area after a great surf session, the waves there are consistent. Which is why I wanted to do a little surf spot review. Carmel on most days are not as populated than it is with tourism. Sometimes it can get way packed when the first warm summer sun comes in around, which then brings a lot of people. But most of the time, the beach is not so populated, which makes surfing more comfortable than hundreds of people watching you as you surf.

Most days at the beach there at Carmel, California, is that the waves there are consistent and not choppy. One important thing about it is that if people are afraid of deep open oceans, than Carmel has perfect and not that deep ocean. Not only does it bring in nice waves but also some sea animals like otters and seals. Sometimes, they might even want to climb on your board and hope on for a ride instead of swimming. No seriously, I am joking ahaha.

The water is somewhat clear, but you can tell comparing other nearby surf spots, the water is clean and feels clean. So after a few sessions at the beach, you can head over downtown and grab some grub so fulfill your appetite after a long earned surf session. You are probably wondering that is why this is one of my favorite surf spots huh? ahahaha. So if you want to head down here I suggest you look at the weather and the surf report before heading out. You can be disappointed or pleased on your visit. So make the necessary decisions and plan your trip. Thanks again!


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