Product Review: Pearson Arrow Surfboards

When it comes to surfing, surfers always say to have at least  one “perfect” board. When I first started surfing I have only one board which is a Pearson Arrow Surfboard that is 6 feet short board and it was probably the worst board for a beginner. Usually, you would surf with a longboard. But instead of listening or paying attention I bought the wrong board. But hey, That’s how we all learn. But because of Pearson Arrow Surfboards which is shaped by Al Merrick, I was able to learn on this not so fitting board. Pearson Arrow Surfboards are located in Santa Cruz, which helps this business since it is so close to home.

Which is why I give Pearson Arrow Surfboards an A. The board is awesomely shaped to an arrow, hence the name. The right amount of thickness was just enough for me to push the board under the water to perform a duck dive. Now, let me get this straight, with this board, it was pretty difficult for me to push down the board before, but I got there. Because of Pearson Arrow Surfboards, I was able to catch my first wave or break in Carmel, California. The board has been my “lady” ever since and I have never gone surfing without this board by my side.

So when it comes to having the prefect board, feel free to look at Pearson Arrow Surfboards. These types of boards are something to look at and ride on. For sure when I get better I will be looking into investing in another Pearson Arrow Surfboard. No doubt about it that it is at the top of my list. Thanks again and please subscribe for more updates on product reviews and other posts.


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