Surf Spot: Seaside, California

Cortsey of Icam381
SEASIDE, CA – DECEMBER 9, 2006: After a storm that brought high winds, the ocean remained choppy but created a dramatic landscape. This was photographed near the popular town of Monterey. (photo by Ian Shive/Aurora)

Seaside California, this is probably somewhat a mediocre place to go surfing. Just a few hours of a good surf then the waves become chopping and the rip tides become stronger pulling in people from shore. But I cannot discriminate it because this is actually where I caught two waves or breaks. Making this my second home. You are probably wondering ‘what are you so proud about? just two waves?’ Well to me, this is an accomplishment and I think of every wave as special and of importance. This beach gets over populated a lot of the time but on certain days like the wee mornings of the weekdays is perfect with no tourists whatsoever. Like I said, the waves come and go after a couple of hours. Which is why the best time to go surfing there at Seaside California is in the morning. This is a beach where if you do not feel comfortable in a deep parts then it is not for you. This beach has different places where it dips and goes into deep parts of the ocean so you have to pick out spots consciously. Not only do you have to choose a place to surf, be careful of the many jellyfish that roam around. One time a jellyfish as big as a normal size bike tire floated right next to me. SO just be aware. The ocean feel might not compare to others because it has plastics around but just a few. Do not fret, if i see trash at my beach, I pick it up. So people like you can enjoy a good clean surf. I AM KID WITH HUGE APPETITE. So having seaside as a surf spot makes it awesome. There are many food chains, local restaurants, and even Jamba juice just a two-minute drive. Which makes it perfect for me. Alright that is all for me, Hope you have a good day!


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