Chasing Mavericks, Up-Coming Moving

Chasing Mavericks

Chasing Mavericks is a new surfing motion picture film debuting in October 26, 2012 is going to a be on the spotlight of the surfing community. From the Chasing Mavericks Tailer, the whole movie is about how a young surfer wants to discover the myth of the “Mavericks.” Mavericks is supposedly the biggest cloud break (wave) that only few have experienced it. No doubt that this movie will catch the attentions of those who want to try surfing just because of the movie. For a lot of people in the surfing community, find it as a way to shed some spotlight in the surfing world.

With other big name Surfing motion picture films like Blue Crush and Soul Surfer, this is a movie to watch out for, hopefully. With big A-list star, Gerard Butler, this is bound to draw in many fans of the actor. This biographical movie about the young surfer, Jay Moriarity, is a film that will see the life of the young surfer’s eyes. the ambition and motivation that he took in order to become an accomplished surfer as he is.

One important aspect of the film that I myself think is important, is the fact that most, if not, all of the footage is taken in California, some even in the ever populating city of Santa Cruz. Not only was it filmed in Santa Cruz but other big surfing spots like Half Moon Bay. When I started surfing, I wanted to work myself up from the waves of Carmel in Monterey to Santa Cruz, then finally making my way to Half Moon Bay. So seeing the motivation that it took the real life characters and the actors will help push me into that direction. I do hope that they give the surfing name some justice and hope the movie because a box office hit.


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