Product Review: Mr Zogs Surf Wax

So something to think about when you go surfing is what kind if supplies or tools you should bring. Now to Evey individual surfer, there are different needs and necessities that have different importance. But one essential item to bring is surf wax. Now this blog post is not the regular posts I do. Basically this post is one of many surf product reviews I’ll be doing. Mr. Zogs surf wax is a most commonly used wax in the surfing world.

Mr. Zogs Surf Wax is well commonly used and applied on surfboards. They can also be applied to skimboards. Because of how versatile this surf wax is, it easily makes it to my number one “Most Likely to Bring” when you go surfing. The grip while you’re ob the board is amazing. And it can be applied once for 2 sessions which shows how money saving this wax is. Why waste money when you can save right?

So this is the end of my first surf product review. This is basically the introductions to moat of the reviews I will be doing. I will also reviews surf videos/movies and other websites to help others get a better picture inside the surfing world itself. If there are any questions or want me to review a certain surf product, feel free to subscribe and email me. Maybe it will be psted on my next review. Thanks!


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