Courtesy of Paragon Surfboards

Courtesy of Paragon Surfboards

Paragon Surfboards is located in southern California. They hand shape and hand craft these surfboards for the ultimate experience. For one, I do not own one of these boards. High costs of tuition hurts my wallet and burns a hole down my pocket. But I have used my friend’s board and it is insanely smooth and you can really tell that people at Paragon Surfboards really take the extra time to make these boards just right.

They have a wide variety of surfboards depending on your preference. If and when I afford of these affordable boards, I will purchase a retro fish board. Seriously, these boards are affordable and of high quality. It is very hard to miss how high quality performances these boards are.

One other thing I do admire about these boards is not only are they affordable but they offer a wide variety of designs that appeal to every individual’s prefernce. Not only are they a high quality board shapers, they actually do a lot to help out the communities like donating to charities and foundations. By buying one of their boards, you are supporting local businesses. Which helps out a lot.



  1. Hi Franko! Thank you for that positive review. We are stoked that you enjoyed your buddy’s board. Feel free to give us a shout if you ever have any questions or if you are in need of a new board. Take care.

  2. Over the years I’ve picked up a handful of boards from my friends who work at Paragon Surfboards. At their prices, I’ve been able to build a nice little quiver and try to get in the water almost every day. Even if it’s small I’ll take out my 9’5′ SUP (only when it’s small) and I’ve been having a blast. I know the owners personally and they are all awesome guys who rip and are passionate about spreading the “stoke” of surfing.

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