Calming NightSurf Video

Seriously, how much does the music dramatize everything? Doesn’t it make you just to go out and try night surfing? I posted recently about the Nike Night Surf competition a few months back. I still can not imagine how much it would feel to go on this little adventure. Now, Night Surfing does happen, but do not be deceived by the video.

First of all, I was amazed myself but the video was not actually taken out in the ocean water. Instead, it was taken in a water theme park at Siam Park located in Canary Islands in Spain. Insane to the membrane right? The video quality is really crisp and clean. Siam Park is a water theme park that features a wave pool for surfers to enjoy a manufactured, human made wave. It is pretty cool now looking at all the videos on youtube and vimeo. I am impressed and thank the producing team for this video they created, Iker Elorrieta, I really enjoyed it.

But what caught my attention in this was the surfers who made it happen. Adam Melling, Julian Wilson, and Kolohe Andino, are some of the most influential surfers on my ever growing list. Seriously, these guys can shred anything mother nature gives them and what humankind can create. They made this video even more worth it to watch. I hope you guys and gals enjoy the video as much as I did. I will post the “behind the scenes” video under this.


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