Inspirational Surfer: Kolohe Andino

Hurley Pro 2010 - Expression Session - Kolohe ...

Hurley Pro 2010 – Expression Session – Kolohe Andino (Photo credit: digitizedchaos)


Man, Kolohe Andino can shred waves like there is no tomorrow. His insane tricks and the way he stays on the wave is pretty awesome. No wonder why this guy is on my inspirational surfers list.

Kolohe, 18 year old professional surfer is a California Native from San Clemente. He has won many different competitions. There is clearly no doubt that this guy is pretty awesome at what he does. Pretty much my only friend who is interested in surfing knows what I am talking about. He is pretty much sponsored by a lot of companies and Nike Surfing is one of those. One other sponsor that Kolohe Andino is sponsored by SkullCandy headphones.

But Mr. Andino has other passions other than surfing, like photography. Which is really awesome knowing that he is just a normal kid who has other hobbies than surfing. On some of his posts, his friends and fans always notice that he is never without his camera. His fellow surfing friends/companions call him a Hipster because of the posts he has on instagram. If I ever got to meet another professional surfer, Kolohe Andino would probably be one of them.


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