Maybe One Day

As you may have read somewhere on my blog that I would like to become journalist. I may not be the best writer or reporter, but this is something that I hopefully plan on doing sometime in the next years to come. I am currently in my third year at San Jose State University majoring in Broadcast Radio/TV Journalism. This school has an amazing journalism program and I am very proud to be a part of it. Recently, I was searching the web and an oppertunity showed up on my front door (figuratively, of course).

Surfer Magazine, a well respected magazine for news updates and stories in the surfing community, is having internships available for the spring semester. I just wish that maybe they offer this next spring or summer semester so I will have time to create some resume and be able to bring up some cash to do this. It would have been such an honor interning at Surfer Magazine. It would bring in two of the things I enjoy and want to pursue in my future. This is just an amazing opportunity and I hope they continue to offer these types of internships in the semesters to come.

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