O'neill Wetsuit Review

O’neill Wetsuit Review

Hey! So Do not mind the massive posting I will be doing from now until 12am. But before all the uploaded posts come up, I would like to share my review on O’neill Reactor 3/2mm Wetsuit. No I am in no way affiliated or sponsored (I wish…) with any surf company for that matter. Just a simple kid trying to dome some blogging. So I have one of these babies and here in the central coast (near monterey), everyone knows that no matter what season it is, the  ocean water is cold as heck. But not to worry, having a wetsuit that keeps you warm is probably going to do some good for you.

This wetsuit keeps me warm. It is an entry level wetsuit and it has a tight, adjustable  neck seal. When you have the wetsuit on, it is easy for you to move around unlike some wetsuits where you have to use it a few times before it adjusts to your body. It has a long zipper pull on the back for easy access which comes really helpful there is no one there to help you out. I would probably give this an easy B+ or A-. Who knows, it is probably a solid A, I just don’t want to be that kind of guy who just hands out candy to everyone. I just really like O’neill and their products. It is pretty amazing that this started near where I live. Something I can brag about. Never mind, no one likes a bragger, I take that back. Alright Peace, happy days.


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