Surf Playlist Updated: The Genius, Michael Kiwanuka

Courtesy of Room Magazine

Courtesy of Rooms Magazine

This singer, Michael Kinwanuka, is truly an amazing artist who sings with absolute soul. I first heard his song “I’m Getting Ready” being covered by a youtube artist. At first, the youtube person covering the song sounded great and got me wondering who the original artist was. So I did some searching and Michael Kinwanuka has made it on my surf playlist. If you listen to his song, “I’m Getting Ready,” it is really soothing in the ears. Right when I heard the original singer’s voice, I was instantly hooked. Going surfing for me turns my stomach inside out but having some really good music calms me down.

Michael Kiwanuka is a British soul  artist. He is just really different and sounds awesome better than the radio music that is on right now. I appreciate the rawness and the versatility in his music/voice. One other song that has my ear drums ringing is “I’ll Get Along.” I will post a video at the end of this blog post so you can hear and see how truly gifted this guy is. Which brings me  to his unique videos. The music videos that go along with his songs are different and have that old vintage feel to it. So as you can see on my next surf session, no doubt in my mind I will be putting Michael Kiwanuka on my surfing playlist.

Michael KiwanukaI’m Getting Ready


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