Surfrider Foundation – Nonprofit Organization

Ahh, the famous Surfrider Foundation. I am a proud member of this organization since 2011. I first found out about the foundation in the late 2010 early 2011 year. I first saw bumper stickers which Surfrider snail mails (snail mail: actually sending a letter and not an email) them out when you first join. It is to signify that you are a member and you are dedicated to help improve the enviornment.

Surfrider is a nonprofit organization where most of their work is to help perserve beaches and oceans around the world. Surfrider started in Malibu, Calif. Jim Moriarty is the Chief Executive Officer. In most of their efforts they try to maintain the ideal beach. No trash, no plastics, and nothing but sand beneath the feet and a clean ocean where everyone can enjoy.

I hope you too can become part of this great organization. Help maintaing a relaxing place such as the beach is not just a privilege it is an honor. Click here to learn more about surfrider and their mission for cleaner beaches all around the globe. I guess this accounts for a review? A review on organizations, has a nice ring to it. Also, there is a Santa Cruz Chapter of Surfrider. Check it out!


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