Taj Burrow O’Neill Coldwater Classic 2012 Video

Here we go again. Taj Burrow seriously rips through every wave like he is being chased down by some ultra bionic shark. Taj is just probably like, “Eat my wave.” You can see how much he digs into the waves and pumps up to finish the wave up. He seriously is on top of my influential surfers list. He has some mad skills that I could only see him do. The one thing I regret was not going to Santa Cruz and seeing all the surfers compete.

After the competition, Taj Burrow took the trophy and won the Coldwater Classic 2012 competition. Just watch the video, sit back, enjoy, and learn from the best. Taj Burrow is this simple Australian Surfer who happens to shred waves in every direction.

Taj Burrow puts up videos everytime he gets a chance to on his vimeo account, which you can find here: Taj Burrow: Vimeo His videos are complete awesomeness. Sorry for my recent choice of unsatisfactory words for blog writing. Just talking about Taj Burrow or anything surf related just gets me amped up and ready for my next session. Which I will be documenting about. Maybe get in some video footage as well. Thanks again for viewing my website! Please, comment, like, and subscribe! Peace.


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