Posts Update & Thank You!

Rhys Bombaci. PHOTO: Jeremy Wilmotte

Rhys Bombaci. PHOTO: Jeremy Wilmotte

So I figured I would let you know that I will updating this blog regularly. Just to amp up my blogging and writing so if I ever need something show employers then this would be one of the perfect example.

As the title states, I will be uploading some posts like I have been in the past. My main day for updates and new posts will be on Tuesdays each week to keep you updated on some products, cool surf spots, and other adventures that I may take in my future. Sometimes I might even post twice a week depending if something needs to be said.

I also want to thank the new followers and subscribers that have followed me on my blog. I really appreciate the time you took to actually view some of my posts and take the time to actually follow me. I appreciate all the views and likes that I have received and I hope you continue to enjoy everything else. Thanks again for the growing continuing support from all of the wordpress community!


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