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English: A California surfer. Santa Cruz and t...

English: A California surfer. Santa Cruz and the surrounding Northern California coastline is a popular surfing destination; however, the year-round low temperature of the ocean in that region (averaging 57ºF/14ºC) necessitates the use of wetsuits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello and welcome to my WordPress Website. This is a compilation or a collection of writing that will consist about the topic Surfing. I myself have been interested in the sport all my life and have only been surfing for about 2 years now. Im still in the beginning stages or “grom” stages of surfing. I will post different things like Surf Reviews, Surf SPots, and Inspirational Surfers, just to name the few. I hope with this site, you will be able to see the mind of this guy (points at me) of my experiences throughout my life as a surfer. Please feel free to ask and most of all, subscribe for future updates.

A little about me, I am Franko Valencia and a college student. I am currently studying to become a broadcast journalist. I hope one day I would be able to report on events such as surfing events or even write for a magazine showing how much this sport means to me. Surfing to me is not just a sport or a hobby, to me it is a lifestyle that a lot of people do not have the time or patience to have. I also think of as surfing as a privileged that only few really get to experience. I started surfing with my buddy who has taught me everything. Now it’s just how I put into practice my techniques and skills.

But because of school and work, Surfing has been put on a pause, delaying my days at the beach. By getting a job I hope to save money for times at the beach to give you (the readers) more of a perspective of what I have to go through everyday. Again, I do hope that you enjoy my blog and if there are any ideas or inputs that you have that can improve my site, please let me know by subscribing. By subscribing you can get these updates and maybe one day could help you experience something that you love as much as I do. Thanks for visiting my page and I do hope you enjoy the contents.


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